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How does your family want to make a difference, in the world, in your own community and in your own lives? If that sounds daunting, don’t worry: we have all the advice and support you’ll need to make it happen, together, whether your goal is big or small. Sign up for the WE Families newsletter, which will kick-start your plans for doing good with quick and easy activities, advice and inspirational stories of other WE Families.

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family in farm

How to turn doing good into a family habit

If you’re finding it tough to carve out time for your chosen causes, try these scientifically proven tips for shifting your intention into action—whether it’s to fundraise for the first time, to be kinder to the environment or any other cause you choose. In a few weeks, those actions will become as natural to your crew as breathing!

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volunteer vacation

Check it off your bucket list

What’s standing in the way of your family’s dream of taking a volunteer vacation? Whether it’s money, time or worry, here’s how to topple those roadblocks and make that trip a reality.

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Touring Kenya with health heroes

Whether your family visits Kenya, India or Ecuador, you’ll have the chance to visit communities and see first-hand the development work that WE is doing there. Here’s what it’s like to ride along with health-care workers from WE’s Baraka Hospital in Kenya, as they perform mom-and-baby checkups, and administer vaccines and anti-parasite medication in the Irkaat community.

WE Family: The Sirchios

Meet a WE Family: The Sirchios

The Sirchios had always believed in giving back – but becoming a WE Family (and getting the chance to dine on grubs in Ecuador!) helped them take their actions even further.

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Family checking worksheet

Worksheet: Discover your family’s passion and purpose

Many of us are eager to make a difference, but aren’t sure where to begin. This worksheet is designed to help you and your family identify a cause that’s important to you, and discover how to make a difference using skills and talents you already have. This way, doing good isn’t only the right thing to do; it’s fun, too!


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