Changing the world doesn’t mean you have to work for a charity—companies like yours do it every day when they give back to causes they care about.

Having a social or environmental mission for your company isn’t just good for morale—it’s good for business. Consumers want to believe that how they spend their money matters, and they’ll choose brands that reflect their values. Employees want to feel that there is purpose to how they spend their time, and those who are part of a movement to do good will be more engaged employees and citizens.

Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a dedicated nine-to-fiver, you can make giving back part of your office culture. Ready to get started? The WE Companies program gives you the tools you need to start living WE at work.

“At Allstate, we’d like to transform the world because we believe that we should be a force for good.”

Tom Wilson, Chairman and CEO, Allstate

“WE Charity has motivated me to change my attitude and see beyond myself. I now look at how my actions affect the environment and community.” Samantha Ferguson, Staples Employee

Get started with WE companies

Inspiration, ideas and practical advice to get you started – from setting up a team and finding your fundraising cause to tried-and-true ways to take action to make a difference.

We’re here to help

Bring WE Companies to your company, and we’ll set you up with a dedicated employee engagement manager to assist you with all your needs or questions.

More ways to live WE

Check out other ways to live WE every day – at home, at school, and in your daily consumer choices.

“Walking in to WE Day for the first time, I felt peace. The kind of tranquility that comes from knowing our world is full of young people who want to make a difference and who believe unfalteringly in their ability to do so.” Andrea Hewitt, McInnes Cooper Employee