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Walk to give water to developing communities.

Water + Walk = CHANGE

Walk to change lives through WE Villages! To date, WE Villages has provided over one million people with access to clean water and sanitation, and we’re just getting started. There are still 840 million people without access to clean water, and we can change that. For every £15 raised, you’ll provide one person with clean water for life!

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Clean water is at the core of all human life. Around the world today, more than 844 million people live without access to safe drinking water, while at least 2.4 billion still lack access to adequate sanitation facilities.

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Going the Distance for Clean Water

One determined group of students from Grange Technology College in Bradford, undertook a massive local challenge, with a life-changing global impact. Through fog and rain, the intrepid team set out on the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, an arduous 25 mile climb to the summits of Yorkshire’s three tallest mountains.

Galvanised by the journey of a past student who travelled to India with WE to volunteer on a water project, the students resolved to give the gift of clean water to a developing community. To share the goal of their water walk with their classmates, the group delivered presentations to explain the issue of access to clean water. With the walkers competing to raise the most money, their fundraiser was sure to go the distance!

“The assemblies were to point out that it wasn’t just what we were doing that is going to make an impact,” explained Year 12 student, Mariam. “It’s everything the whole school was doing to support us. Our success was because of them, it was all of us together.”

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Throughout the walk, the group racked up miles, battling the elements with every step. Derek Radcliffe, a physical education teacher and leader of the WE group, thought the group might decide to stop early, when confronted with the third and final peak. “Their legs were like lead, they were tired, wet and cold. I know a lot of them thought about ending it, but no one did,” he recalled.

The team were inspired to keep going by the women and children in developing communities who walk to fetch water, every day. “It put it in perspective for us, what people around the world go through,” said Ruqaiya of the experience.

After 12 hours of rain and snow, 25 miles of bogs and fields, and 6,000 feet of hills and crags, the group completed their walk for water! Despite moments of individual self-doubt, caused by strained ankles, exhaustion and numbing cold, the difficulty of the trek brought out the best in every student. As Derek shared, “What it does for their confidence, soft skills and life skills is amazing.”

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