“We loved having a WE Schools workshop at school. It was so inspiring to see our students think about the wider community and be able to express their feelings towards issues that they feel strongly about.”

– Teacher

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Inspirational Speaking Tours

Our WE Schools programme offers a range of free opportunities to schools across the UK, including inspirational assemblies, workshops and educational resources.

Our assemblies educate students about local and global issues and inspire them to take action on a cause that they are passionate about. Through a multimedia experience, our young, dynamic speakers share personal stories that highlight the importance of active citizenship, and the power that one person has to change the world. Following the assembly, our free, interactive leadership workshops help students identify issues that they care about and develop tangible action plans to make a difference in their local and global communities.

Through their unique stories, our engaging team inspires with incredible ways to get involved and transform the world through active global citizenship.

Click here to sign-up to the WE Schools programme. Thanks to our generous partners, our speaking tours are available free of charge.

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Our Speaking Tours Are Different:

1. Our dynamic Speakers share personal stories that are powerful, authentic, and relevant to the younger generation, helping to decrease student apathy.

2. Workshops support students to identify the local and global issues they care about, empowering them to discover their passions for themselves.

3. The WE Schools programme is designed to be student-led. During workshops, students are given the tools to create an action plan, enabling them to take ownership of their social action projects.

4. Our job is to support your school’s social action projects. If you are already working on a particular issue, theme or project, we will endeavour to tailor our workshops around you.

To find out if our speaking tours are available in your area, please contact us at [email protected] or call 020 8266 1616.

Discover Our Speaking Tours

What Is An Inspirational Assembly?

Our assemblies educate students about local and global issues and inspire them to take action on a cause that they are passionate about. Our dynamic motivational Speakers and Facilitators will share personal stories that highlight the importance of active citizenship, and the power that one person has to change the world.

What Is An Interactive Workshop?

Through interactive workshops, Speakers help young people to discover and explore the issues that matter to them and develop their ideas for social action. By the end of the session, your class will have enhanced their skills as leaders and communicators, and built an action plan for making a difference in their local or global community.

What Happens After Our Visit?

To ensure you get the most from your assembly and workshop, our dedicated WE Schools team will always offer follow-up support and advice to turn your students’ ideas into actions. After your visit, your Speaker will send a summary of your students’ action plans, and suggestions for how to kick-start their projects. You will also be assigned a WE Schools Coordinator, who is on-hand to support with every step of your school’s active citizenship journey. Your Coordinator will be in touch about our free educational resources, including our WE Schools Kit.

Explore Our Workshops

Our workshops comprise a range of skills, issues and action-planning modules, each structured to deliver specific learning outcomes. Click below to explore our workshops.

Skills Modules

Team-building: Using interactive activities involving problem-solving and team work, our facilitators will guide your students through a series of tasks where they must work together. Students will be encouraged to use their learnings as a framework for effective teamwork.

Communication Skills: Through activities that challenge your students to step out of their comfort zone and develop their interpersonal and public-speaking skills, our facilitators will guide the group to be confident communicators.

Leadership Skills: This workshop unpacks what leadership means and helps students to understand their personal leadership characteristics, building their self-awareness and empathy by learning how to work best with other leadership styles.

Issues Modules

Deconstructing Society: A reflective module that encourages students to share stories of issues that are important to them and unpack the root causes of these issues. Students are guided to consider their place in actively resolving these local and global problems.

Issues Bus: An energetic journey during which students must choose between two standpoints that get increasingly more challenging as the journey progresses. Students are encouraged to discuss their choices and stand up for a cause they are passionate about.

Community Mapping: Through creative exploration, students are encouraged to think about the issues they see occurring within their local community, and to recognise how they can make a positive impact.

World Map: This module provides students with a visual representation of how our world’s resources and populations are distributed across the globe, leading them to consider how they can help to address the imbalance.

Action Planning Modules

Gift + Issue = Change: By introducing this simple formula to your students, they are encouraged to think about the things they love, their gifts and how they can use them to create change on the issues they are most passionate about.

Seven Steps to Action Planning: Changing the world is a big task! This structured planning session equips students with the basic tools to create a successful project-plan, and supports them to develop their critical thinking skills.

SMART Goals: This action planning session introduces students to the concept of SMART planning, helping them to think ahead in order to launch a successful active citizenship project.

Key Information About Our Speaking Tours:
      Availability: The availability of our speaking tours depends on a number of factors, including location and previous engagement with our WE Schools programme. Please contact us to find out if our speakings tours are available to your school.
      Booking: Due to high demand we typically book our tours at least two to three months in advance.
      Age range: Our assemblies can be tailored to be suitable for all ages. Our workshops are suitable for KS2 and above.
      Timings: We will always work to fit our speaking tours around your school’s timetable. Assemblies last between 20 and 40 minutes, and workshops last between 45 minutes to one hour.
      Capacity: Assemblies can be delivered to a class, a year group or your whole school. Workshops are limited to 30 students per session.

Click here to sign-up to the WE Schools programme. Once you have signed-up, you will be contacted by your WE Schools Coordinator about the availability of speaking tours in your area. Alternatively, contact us via [email protected] or 020 8266 1616 to find out more.

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Our Speaking Tour Partners

Thanks to our speaking tour partners, we are able to deliver inspirational assemblies and workshops to eligible schools, completely free of charge.

Virgin Atlantic “Be The Change” is our pioneering educational programme generously sponsored by Virgin Atlantic. Our “Be The Change” tour aims to educate, engage and empower young people, with a focus on how they can work together to build a more sustainable world. To find out more about our world-changing partnership with Virgin Atlantic, please click here.

The Queen’s Trust has been a key supporter of WE Charity since 2012, giving over £750,000 to expand the schools programme and develop digital educational resources. This funding has enabled us to widen the network of schools to the North of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, reaching thousands more children in hard to reach areas of the UK. To find out more about our change-making partnership with The Queen’s Trust, please click here.

Team London Young Ambassadors is the Mayor’s school volunteering programme, delivered by WE, which connects young Londoners with their communities through social action. Thanks to generous funding from the #iwill Fund until 2020, the programme will reach 39,000 young people through inspirational assemblies, workshops and youth summits, delivered by our talented team of Speakers and Facilitators. To found out more about our phenomenal partnership with Team London, please click here.

Boots UK have generously partnered with WE to bring our WE Schools speaking tour to schools across the UK. Now in its second year, our WE Schools speaking tour in partnership with Boots is having a transformative impact on students across Nottinghamshire. Together, WE and Boots are supporting the next generation of healthier, happier, active citizens who are working together to create a better world. To find out more about our incredible partnership with Boots, please click here.

The Garfield Weston Foundation is dedicated to helping young people to achieve their full potential through social action. Considering our shared mission, the Garfield Weston Foundation became a supporter of WE Charity in 2016. Their generous backing has enabled us to inspire young people at hard to reach schools in the North East of the UK. To find out more about our inspirational partnership with the Garfield Weston Foundation, please click here.

KPMG is the founding partner of our new speaking tour, aimed at changing young people’s attitudes to numbers. Over the next three years, KPMG and WE are working together to promote numeracy as a crucial and relevant life skill, empowering the next generation to reach their full potential through numeracy. To find out more about our aspirational partnership with KPMG, please click here.